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Park Guidelines

Thanks for choosing Catfish Heaven. We hope you enjoy your stay as much as we will enjoy having you.

For the safety and convenience of all our guests, Please review the following guidelines.

Thank you,

Catfish Heaven Management


>>Hours: Office hours are from 7 a.m. until 5 p.m. Wednesday thru Sunday.

>>Check Out time is 2:30 pm.

>>Rental Fees & Terms: Payment for RV sites and cabins are to be paid in advance.

>>Guests are welcome in the park at $10.00 per day per person which includes fishing, swimming and

     use of other park amenities.

>>Cleaning fish is the responsibility of the guest or camper and is to be done only in the fish cleaning

     area provided next to the office. Please leave the area as clean as you found it.  

>>Motorcycles, 4-wheelers, horses or boats are not welcome in the park.

>>Remember, this is south Louisiana and alligators are not a problem normally, but again, they are not

     uncommon, so for your safety please don’t swim in the ponds.

>>While your electric golf cart is welcome in the park, its operation is at your own risk.

>>For the safety of all guests, especially children, motorized recreational equipment such as motorized

     golf carts, 3-wheelers, 4-wheelers, go-carts, scooters, mini-bikes, or private watercraft are not

     welcome in the park.

>>Children are very welcome in the park, but for their safety and the convenience of others, they must

     be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times.

>>The accompanying adults(s) are completely responsible for the children’s actions and safety.

​>>All of our buildings are smoke-free. This includes our bathhouse and laundry room. Please leave the

     showers and restrooms as clean as you found them.

>>Please place all trash in the provided dumpsters. Please put all trash in a sealed bag or container

     before it is put into the dumpster.

>>Campfires are allowed as long as they are not directly on the ground. Please use a fire pit or

     container if you wish to have a campfire.

>>Please do your bar-b-qing or other outdoor cooking on your own equipment or the bar-b-q pits

     provided by the park. Make sure it is done in a safe manner and that they are never left unattended.

>>Mail may be dropped off at the front office. Mail is delivered to the post office daily.

>>The laundry room is open from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. each day. This is a coin-operated facility. >>Change is available from the office during regular hours.


>>When fishing, do so from bank only. Trout line, nets, cast nets, traps, shocking machines or

     dynamite are not welcome.

>>Catch and release is acceptable.



>>Pets are welcome in the park as long as they are on a leash. A fee of $25.00 will be incurred for any

     pets found roaming the park without a leash.

>>Please pick up behind your pet and dispose of it properly.

>>Barking dogs are one of the top peeves of other guests and cannot be tolerated. If your dog is barking

     and disturbing the guests around you, and you are unable to control it, you will be asked to leave the



>>Check In time is 3:00 p.m. Check Out time is 2:30. (Early check in may be available upon request.) 

>>There is a two night minimum on all cabins. (Three nights on holidays and festival times.)

>>A credit card is required to reserve a cabin.

>>Any visitors are to check in at the office and pay $10.00 per day which includes

     fishing,swimming and use of other park amenities.

>>Guests who have not checked out by 2:30 will be charged $10.00 per additional hour stayed.

>>Management reserves the right to make any judgment necessary in the above matters.

>>Pets of any kind are not welcome in the cabins at anytime. A $50.00 fee for each instance will  

     be incurred and you will be responsible for any damage repair or cleanup required.

>>Boiling of any type of seafood is not to be done in the cabins, nor is any frying. >>Smoking is

     not to be done in the cabins. (However smoking on the porch and deck areas is acceptable.)


>>For your and your children’s safety, please familiarize yourself with the rules posted in pool area.

>>No lifeguard on duty – swim at your own risk.

>>Children under the age of 16 must have a parent or adult guardian with them in the pool area.

>>No diving or jumping from the sides of the pool.

>>No pets in the pool and/or pool deck area.


>>Guests are responsible for all damages caused by any member of their party or any visitors,

>>Management assumes no responsibility for accidents injuries or loss of property regardless the



​Call 911 For ALL emergencies!